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Already an accomplished Airport Vendor, the Plum Market Airport Division will elevate the traveler’s experience. The Plum Market Airport Division will be a Prime Vendor in pursuing exciting opportunities with Airport Concessions


Our partnerships ensure our commitment to best serve all travelers and will enable us to create a positive impact. We have a strong track record of collaborating with local partners and are committed to continuing this tradition in our airport division.


Casual Meeting


Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (“ACDBE”). ACDBE partners are the cornerstone of our planned growth. We will grow our footprint while growing the experience of established ACDBE partners and mentor

new ACDBEs as well. Our ACDBE partners will lead the operation of our stores and manage the relationships with airport staff, enabling them to learn all aspects of the business, grow more quickly with confidence, mentor other smaller ACDBEs, and graduate the ACDBE program.

The formation of this airport division is just the latest nod to our commitment to helping travelers to Live Well, With Taste.

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